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  • 22 Jul 2022

Trois étapes pour moderniser votre application métier

You are a digital manager in a large company. Your job often requires you to make an acrobatic leap between market requirements and technological innovations. Not easy to keep up with everything! In particular, you have a set of business ...

By Guillaume LANTHIER

A new release version for Magento Elastic Suite

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  • 02 Feb 2016
SmileLab is glad to announce the release of Magento Elastic Suite version 1.2.0 ! Available in open source on Github.
By Romain Ruaud, Aurélien Foucret

SmileWebFactory module for Drupal, THE solution for web fa…

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  • 12 Jan 2016
The version 8 of Drupal was the occasion for us to develop a new solution of "websites factory", developed from scratch, and it's now available for everyone in open source !
By Alan Moreau, Vincent Maucorps

Magento Elastic Suite : summary of 2015

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  • 08 Jan 2016
We released of Magento ES in the late 2014, available on github. Since then we had an hard work on every front to get it even better...
By Aurélien Foucret

Nobel Biocare used an M2 upgrade to quickly deploy their f…

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A single platform for all Nobel Biocare and Danaher brands to both reduce management and production costs and ensure a rapid Time-to-Market Stefan Künzle, Head of Global eCommerce Danaher Dental, appointed Smile teams in early 2017 to manage the ...
By Raphaèle Hayart

Open source training

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