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  • 24 Nov 2022

IA et Analytique : quelles implications pour les solutions ECM ?

The mid-term evolution of ECM solutions is marked by a shift from content management to knowledge management. Artificial Intelligence - already available for limited use on the Hyland Nuxeo and Alfresco platforms - and the extensive analysis of ...

By Pierre-Alain SUCHET, Alise LALLIER, Elodie SOME-BLAD

Kaporal boosts its e-commerce site with a Progressive Web …

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  • 23 Mar 2022
How Did Kaporal, The Denim Lifestyle Brand Manage To Reinvent The Customer Experience On Its E-Commerce Site? A new website and a new customer experience to support the evolution of the Kaporal brand identity For several years, digital has been ...
By Pierrick Olivier

Why adopt an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach for all…

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  • 17 Mar 2022
Why adopt an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach for all your e-commerce platform projects ? You are ready ! Your specifications are fine-tuned. All your business needs are described and prioritized, your technical constraints are outlined, and ...
By Samuel Maître-Jean


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  • 09 Mar 2022
WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF OROMARKETPLACE? In the space of a few years, OroCommerce has established itself as a reference in the world of B2B e-commerce platforms. This platform’s growing influence amongst large corporations (Cdiscount, Azelis ...
By Pierrick Olivier


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  • 02 Dec 2021
Azelis, a leading innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, strengthens its position in the industry by enhancing its customer-oriented digital strategy.
By Raphaèle Hayart

Walibi Holland: roller-coaster rides are just a click away…

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  • 02 Dec 2021
Walibi Holland and SMILE released a thrilling online experience to welcome parks’ fans.
By Raphaèle Hayart


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  • 23 Nov 2021
For over 30 years, Maison Valmont has anchored its presence on the luxury market with premium cosmetic care, beauty rituals and perfumes. Their products are distributed everywhere in Europe, in the US and in Asia through several channels. Maison Valmont strives to continually improve their client experience and enhance their customer standards in particular in terms of digital purchasing.
By Raphaèle Hayart

Revamping the digital services of the Publications and Dat…

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  • 17 Nov 2021
When you happen to represent 183 customs administrations that process around 98% of world trade on the planet, you should benefit from an efficient, secure, customer oriented digital ecosystem. The World Customs Organization (WCO) required us to handle their application assets and launch a new online tool that gathers all the necessary information for international trade players: www.wcotradetools.org
By Raphaèle Hayart

Is your company truly customer-centric?

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  • 24 Sep 2021
Être customer centric ne consiste pas uniquement à réaliser un site web attrayant et à assurer un SAV de qualité. Et cela ne suffira pas pour créer une relation forte avec le client. Pour y parvenir, il faut non seulement parfaitement connaître ses clients, mais aussi repenser son entreprise en profondeur pour tourner l’ensemble de ses métiers vers le client : le marketing bien sûr, mais aussi les produits et services proposés, les canaux de vente, le service client et/ou après-vente font parti d’une stratégie globale tournée vers le client et la recherche permanente de sa fidélisation.
By The Smile experts

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