Kaporal boosts its e-commerce site with a Progressive Web App (Pwa)

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  • 23 Mar 2022

How Did Kaporal, The Denim Lifestyle Brand Manage To Reinvent The Customer Experience On Its E-Commerce Site?


A new website and a new customer experience to support the evolution of the Kaporal brand identity

For several years, digital has been one of Kaporal's priorities. Significant marketing efforts have been undertaken, notably through partnerships with influencers to reach its young audience on social networks. With an agile approach and continuous monitoring, the brand has succeeded in creating an omnichannel experience both through a unified loyalty programme between digital and its physical shop network and through the large-scale deployment of ship-from-store*


To continue its development, Kaporal has designed a new brand identity spearheaded by the e-commerce site. This version of the site has brought a new design, new sections and a highly innovative technical architecture implemented by SMILE to enhance the customer experience.




Using a Progressive Web App (PWA), Kaporal enhances the customer experience!


The site implemented meets the criteria of a Progressive Web App (PWA), that is to say, that it provides an experience on the web that is similar to that of a native application.


In concrete terms, the site benefits from exceptional responsiveness: pages load very quickly with each click, and at the same time, some parts of these same pages load progressively: the site header and the menu do not flash when changing pages, which contributes to the impression of fluidity.


In addition, using modern browsers' capabilities makes it possible to retain data associated with previously visited pages. This directly benefits the site's response time: the return to a previously visited page is instantaneous.


On smartphones and tablets more specifically, it is also possible to add the site to the terminal's home screen, so that the site can be browsed in full-screen mode, thus becoming even closer to a native app.


The possibility of changing the back office without changing the front


The headless architecture opens new perspectives for Kaporal. In 2022, Kaporal takes advantage of the modularity of this architecture to replace the Magento 1 back-office with a more modern Magento 2 back-office, without changing the front PWA application.


Where a classic architecture would have required a complete overhaul of the platform, the headless architecture allows instead to isolate the change of back-office and the rest of the application. The result: a much faster and less expensive deployment.


Thus by making the architecture more modular, it becomes possible to take advantage of different life cycles on each brick of the platform and make them more sustainable at the same time.


A more flexible headless architecture


The technical platform implemented by SMILE is based on Adobe Commerce (Magento) and Front Commerce. The so-called "headless" architecture makes it possible to set up a more modular architecture, in which the rendering of the page is handled by a web application connected to a back-office via an API.


This "headless" architecture provides the technical basis for a PWA and allows the site to skyrocket its web performance and efficiency. 


In addition, the decoupled architecture allows greater freedom in the design of the user experience by detaching itself from certain technical constraints linked to the platform used in the back office. In this model, it becomes possible to reconcile a rich and robust e-commerce platform with an innovative and malleable customer experience.


Innovation and scalability in the spotlight


The Adobe Commerce platform has been integrated with numerous solutions: order management, returns, product evaluations, etc. In total, some fifteen specialised solutions are connected to the e-commerce platform. This particularly modular architecture allows Kaporal to address specific needs through players who are specialists in their field and to benefit from innovative functions through the investment in R&D made by these specialists.


This modular architecture also facilitates the maintenance of the platform, as version upgrades are now carried out on each application with a more restricted functional scope and therefore faster.


Spectacular results


With 9 months of hindsight, Kaporal shows very positive and encouraging results, such as: 

  • A 60% decrease in bounce rate across all devices, due to the positive impact on display performance and site speed.
  • An increase in overall conversion rate: +15% on desktop and +8% on mobile.
  • Increased engagement on the site with a positive rise in page views (especially the product catalogue): +40% and valuable time spent on the site +8%.




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