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  • 04 Dec 2023

Walkthrough the State of the AI Report 2023

This article is the third installment in a series, which you can access through the following links: How to choose the right front-end architecture? What frontend framework should you choose? So, if you're planning to determine the best front-end ...

By Thibault Milan

Magento Elastic Suite : summary of 2015

  • 08 Jan 2016
We released of Magento ES in the late 2014, available on github. Since then we had an hard work on every front to get it even better...
By Aurélien Foucret

From Cloud to Edge: What Challenges for Digital Infrastructures?

Smile, encompassing various activities related to digital services, from upstream design to development, industrialization, and maintenance, directs its R&D service towards collaborative research topics. In our upcoming articles, we will delve

By Jonathan Rivalan