Maison Valmont strives to continually improve their client experience and enhance their customer standards in terms of digital purchasing. 

  • 23 Nov 2021




For over 30 years, Maison Valmont has anchored its presence on the luxury market with premium cosmetic care, beauty rituals and perfumes. Their products are distributed everywhere in Europe, in the US and in Asia through several channels: retailers (in stores and online), on Valmont e-commerce website ( and via selected marketplaces. Maison Valmont strives to continually improve their client experience and enhance their customer standards in particular in terms of digital purchasing.


From Magento 1 to Magento 2 : new technical and business performance


As Magento 1 support was coming to an end, Maison Valmont took the opportunity of the Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration to globally accelerate their e-commerce strategy. For luxury brands, this market now represents 10 to 13% of their total business. By improving the technical performance of their e-commerce website and rethinking their whole customer journey, the company intended to accelerate e-commerce growth and be closer to the needs of its clients.


A brand new digital ecosystem within 6 months


Maison Valmont put the work in the hands of Smile Suisse which carried out several actions.

A functional study was conducted to first improve some elements of the Magento 1 platform such as content, product pages, purchasing process, etc. In a few months, the conversion rate doubled and this even before the implementation of Magento 2!


Magento 1 to Magento 2 enterprise main objectives

  • Improve online shopping experience
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Globalize and secure the e-commerce platform


A more technical phase then began. In parallel with the migration (catalogs, client data, product information, etc.), the entire digital ecosystem of the company has been redesigned: from a new marketing automation tool to the implementation of key components : CDP, global payment service provider and connexion to Valmont PIM.


Olivier Gosset, E-commerce director of Maison Valmont states: " We are more than satisfied with the global relationship with Smile. Our best performance indicator is the conversion rate which doubled continuously between version 1 and 2! The ordering process is smoother and the shopping experience has clearly improved."


Christophe Pellier, managing director of Smile Suisse adds: " Security, GDPR compliance, web and business performance, customer experience, digital and ecommerce latest trends guided Smile’s teams during the 6 months prior to the launch and during today’s maintenance: we are very proud to have carried out this complete project. We were able to use several of our key expertise to meet both technical and business requirements of Maison Valmont. "


Many projects are still underway:

  • Having a more refined CRM to better understand customer needs and expectations
  • Going on step further in personalization and product recommendation
  • Working on performance enhancements especially on the e-commerce website mobile version
  • Ensuring bridges with the existing ERP
  • Improving order tracking and delivery times