• 02 Dec 2021


Azelis,a leading innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, strengthens its position in the industry by enhancing its customer-oriented digital strategy. Azelis is working with SMILE, the European leader in open-source digital solutions, to build a global B2B Customer Portal that will be deployed in over 50 countries around the world.


The Azelis world of specialty chemical and food ingredients goes digital


With more than 45,000 customers worldwide, Azelis is committed to enhancing its offering to chemical producers through innovative and sustainable solutions. Azelis is in the middle of a major digital transformation. In B2B, being one step ahead can be key!


With this in mind, Azelis expressed the wish to increase its service offerings through a dedicated B2B platform that would support a client through their entire journey: from inspirational articles to purchasing process, including formulation assistance with an integrated digital e-Lab, product sample requests, high quality technical information and detailed catalog with access to documentation such as Safety Data sheets and Technical Data sheets.


A global platform ready in 6 months


Ready for new challenges, SMILE partnered with Azelis to implement a global B2B platform based on ORO Commerce. Supported by the Azelis business team, SMILE counted on a very committed international team who operated in AGILE mode to provide its client with a scalable B2B suite, adapted to their business expectations. SMILE product specialists pooled their expertise to link with Azelis’ core information system resulting in a ready-to-launch customer portal within 6 months, before a broader roll-out in multiple markets.




Digitalization is all about generating value


The entire digital platform is supported by ORO Commerce. Both flexible and solid, the platform brings together a range of stakeholders (including customers, manufacturers, distributors, and leads) whose objectives are to accelerate their growth, conquer new markets and shorten their time to market. SMILE is proud to have deployed and tailored this solution to bring the best customer experience.


For Azelis, this is a global transformation of their commercial approach and sales channel. Azelis expects this new platform to generate significant growth and revenue, and to deliver greater customer satisfaction. In fact, with the customer portal now live in 30 countries and multiple markets with more launching every month, it’s already started!




Matt Nancekivell, Digital Solutions Director, said:

"Azelis is committed to providing the best experience for its customers to support their innovation journeys, so when selecting a partner to implement a new online customer platform, it was important the partner had an innovative mindset and could adapt quickly to changing requirements while still delivering great user experience. SMILE continues to deliver on these requirements and together we have launched a best in class experience for Azelis’ customers"


Azelis Customer Portal