Elastic Suite for Magento 2 : version 2.1 is out !

  • 06 Jun 2016

SmileLab published the new version Magento Elastic Suite for Magento 2 yesterday. Here are the notable changes.

News :

Having already a powerful search engine with enhanced relevance since the 2.0 version, we were able to focus on merchandising improvements :


  • Virtual Categories: it is now possible to create rule-based categories such as : "all discounted products for men".



  • You can now preview your category and sort the products inside them directly in the Back-Office with drag and drop :


  • Better autocomplete box : it does now features the products !



And as always, tools to enhance relevance of the search engine :


  • A brand new thesaurus management module to build thesaurus list by thematics and use them for expansion or synonym search.


This release also features bugfixes especially related to PHP7 support and better compilation for Magento 2.X. You can find all the PRs and issues fixed here.

Module Update

This version is not backward compatible with the 2.0 version. We had to revamp many things to fit with Magento's statics tests standards (vendor name for composer, module names, PHP namespaces names... and so on).


The migration processus remains simple and is documented here : Migration from ElasticSuite 2.0.0 to ElasticSuite 2.1.0.


Futures version of the module won't introduce incompatibilities like this one, but it was mandatory to do such a revamp to ensure the easiest use of the module.


Version 2.2 will contain essentially search relevance enhancement. Especially, it will contain the boost system and the manual sort for products on search results.


The version 2.2 will also be fully compatible with Magento 2.1.


Do not hesitate to communicate us your wishes and open RFCs tickets on the project Github.

How to help ?

You can help us to make this module better by several ways :


  • By contributing it with Github PRs, submitting us issues, update the documentation, etc ...
  • By testing the module
  • And communicating about it on Twitter, or by adding it to you Github's starred projects.