OroCommerce V4.2 : an enhanced user experience (back+front)

  • 15 Apr 2021

OroCommerce, a major solution in the B2B e-commerce landscape


OroCommerce is the leading B2B e-commerce solution of the moment capable of supporting ambitious operational projects, thanks to a stable and scalable platform. A rising star publicly recognized by major institutes, it has also been an important partner for Smile for many years, due to its completely open-source construction, based on Symfony. In fact, we have launched several successful projects for our clients on the OroCommerce platform.


Analyst perspective

At the beginning of this year, the editor published a new version of its solution. Obviously, the platform includes many new features while optimising the overall ergonomics, which should facilitate and optimise the work of e-commerce directors, CDOs and other CMOs.


A quick review of version 4.2 LTS and its new features including :

  • updates to the navigation, 
  • a better interface to facilitate the shopping and ordering process, 
  • new storefront features 
  • important improvements related to the performance of the platform.



LTS, explanations


The specific wording for this release, 4.2 LTS, stands for Long-Term Support. This implies that the publisher will maintain the version until June 2022 and that support will continue until January 2024.



Improving the customer experience


This new version of OroCommerce focuses mainly on this brick. The objective here is to transform the user experience, making it as fluid as possible and allowing buyers to easily find what they are looking for. In particular, we can cite improvements in the following areas:

  • The reorganised shopping basket interface: it now makes it very easy to handle large orders consisting of many configurable items, along with many other individual items. A tree structure is now available in the new interface, grouping products by reconfigurability.
  • A simplified ordering and payment experience, with a summary page for the entire order and payment steps designed to work quickly, even for large volumes of purchases.
  • Improved accessibility: including more intuitive buttons, a fully keyboard navigable shop, and overall interface changes to make it more readable.



Overall performance improvement


For B2B e-tailers, as in B2C, the product catalogue can quickly become very extensive. As a result, navigation, price calculation or image management can quickly become complex.

  • New filter interface. Once activated, it is possible to configure each filter very easily, to make them more user-friendly and ergonomic, or even to select several filters.
  • Flat Price Storage: for companies that do not use complex price calculations, the application can draw information from third-party applications (ERP or others). This improves the speed of order processing, and more generally of the storefront and back office.
  • Optimisation of images: resizing and indexing have been significantly optimised since the calculation time is divided by 10. This is a significant time saving when you consider that each image is usually used for multiple media and must therefore be optimised independently.
  • Optimisation of navigation performance.


Find the details of the improvements of this new version OroCommerce 4.2 LTS on the website of our partner, the editor Oro.

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