Eco-design, a good marriage with the customer experience ?

In a recent enlightening interview, Vincent Maucorps (Smile) engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Zamir Abdul (Raptor) and Dalila Aidene Cherradou about the evolving role and impact of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). This discussion ...

By Christel Agier

Monitoring the green performance of its digital ecosystem: an interview with Guillaume Th…

  • 12 May 2022

Guillaume Thibaux

On the occasion of the Green Month launched at Smile on the theme of Green Efficiency, I had the opportunity to interview Guillaume Thibaux, co-founder of Quanta. I already appreciated the Quanta teams in the past, and this

By Jean-Charles BORDES, Othmane SAOURI
Back office OroMarketplace


  • 09 Mar 2022


In the space of a few years, OroCommerce has established itself as a reference in the world of B2B e-commerce platforms. This platform’s growing influence amongst large corporations (Cdiscount, Azelis

By Pierrick Olivier

OroCommerce V4.2 : an enhanced user experience (back+front)

  • 15 Apr 2021
​​​​​​​OroCommerce is the leading B2B e-commerce solution of the moment capable of supporting ambitious operational projects, thanks to a stable and scalable platform. A rising star publicly recognized by major institutes, it has also been an important partner for Smile for many years, due to its complete open source construction, based on Symfony. In fact, we have launched several successful projects for our clients on the OroCommerce platform.
By Corinne Fontaine

Orchestrating omni-channel orders and product availability: The ultimate customer experi…

  • 09 Oct 2020

Consumer needs and purchasing habits are changing and adapting over time in line with technological revolutions. The rise of the Internet, online shopping, and mobile commerce more recently, has flooded the market with changes that are forcing

By Jean Charles Bordes

Revamp your e-commerce ecosystem with Smile, a winning strategy

  • 03 Sep 2020

Since Smile launched its e-commerce offer more than 15 years ago, more than 200 projects went live for our customers.


From now on, we have more than 400 digital passionate working on the sales development of the ones who trusted us

By Martin Flinois