Launching an international Manufacturing eCommerce Platform within 10 weeks: the awarded B2B & D2C Dunlop experience

  • 14 Apr 2022

Many customers, one digital platform: the Trade Partner Portal by Dunlop Protective Footwear. A portal rewarded by the Manufacturing Leadership Council! 


How do you offer the best products to very different customer segments, ranging from B2B to B2C buyers, when you are a specialized retailer? As the leading global manufacturer of protective footwear, Dunlop sells boots and footwears to individuals, wholesalers, distributors and large corporations. People working in agriculture, industry, healthcare and many other sectors use its protective footwear, as well as for outdoor and leisure activities, across the world in more than 50 countries! 


SMILE, the European leader in open-source digital solutions, was onboarded to create a new global e-commerce portal for Dunlop.


Dunlop main objectives? Bringing the most value to all of its customers by providing them with a B2B and B2C eshop suggesting relevant data throughout their purchasing process (information phase, ordering step, shipping status, etc.) and boosting its global sales within a few months by increasing self-service and intensifying the relationship with business partners.


More insights on Dunlop's main challenges to be found on ORO's website


This month (April 2022), Dunlop Protective Footwear won the Collaborative Ecosystems Award from the Manufacturing Leadership Council! The association singles out these world-class companies and individual leaders in Industry that shape the future of global manufacturing.


A 10 weeks time-to-market with an international platform launched in 12 countries! 


Teaming up with Die Produkt Macher, SMILE’s experts and its nearshore scrum team worked Agile to create the best user experience, developed customized functionalities and achieved a key expectation from Dunlop: a 10 weeks time-to-market! SMILE relied on OROCommerce to provide a digital cloud technology combining features for both B2C and B2B behaviour


Geert Besten, Senior Digital Delivery Manager at Dunlop states on ORO’s blog: “We leaned heavily on OroCommerce’s comprehensive native B2B features, which enabled the rollout of a high-quality, mission-appropriate backend and frontend deployment with very little need for customization now or in future.”


For SMILE, the challenge laid down by Dunlop was exciting and well-aligned with our ambitions. It’s an international project involving all our knowledge and expertise in terms of e-commerce B2B and it is based on open-source technologies, cutting edge of our approach. 


Focus on OroCommerce main features (native and tailored for Dunlop) 


  • A core platform architecture to address both B2B and B2C customers 
  • Customized features for each channel 
  • Duplicable features for new channels



New clients, new sales channels, new services


A short time-to-market with outstanding performances: 


  • 3.5X increase in monthly website traffic
  • 10.5 percentage points increase in online conversions, from 26% to 36,5%
  • 10% increase in average order value
  • 41% self-service customer adoption rate: 11 points higher than expected! 



Launched in July 2020, the B2B eshop portal, quickly followed by a public B2C e-shop, has seen a growth in monthly website traffic. Thanks to this digital approach, Dunlop can focus on opening new sales channels and offer new services to better address each segment, to reach new customers and to extend its sales actions to new markets and countries. 


Discover the portal! (Access to the B2B website requires authentification)