Give up your old framework and PHP legacy for Symfony

  • 23 Jun 2022

In the age of digitalization, PHP has become a global standard for developing high-performance web applications. To keep up with the breathless pace of innovation, you need to implement a modern, robust framework like Symfony. That is the story SensioLabs and Smile tell you in their new joint white paper. Let us take a deep dive into the issues of web development for your application.

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A brand-new white paper from SensioLabs and Smile

SensioLabs and Smile realized that many old unmaintained frameworks are still active. And they do not fit modern expectations. Starting from this fact, the two companies have been working on a joint white paper about migration to Symfony.

For several years, Smile and SensioLabs have shared common values about innovation in Open-Source. Smile is the European market leader in digital Open-Source, and SensioLabs is the creator of the Open-Source framework Symfony. The two companies established a strategic alliance in 2019 to share their skills and enhance their expertise in PHP and Symfony for the benefit of their clients.

When Smile builds digital projects, SensioLabs brings expertise in PHP and Symfony. Because code legacy and unmaintained frameworks are detrimental to the PHP ecosystem, SensioLabs and Smile decided to address this critical issue together. This white paper is a pragmatic approach to help businesses and non-profit organizations thrive and stay relevant in the digital revolution happening before our very eyes. The good news is that it is easy to reach, thanks to Symfony.

The state of play in PHP and web development

First, the white paper explores the PHP landscape in 2021. It describes why you should use a framework to develop your application in PHP. PHP adapts to a new tech environment where Cloud computing, online experience, IoT, and cybersecurity are critical. To deal with these innovations it is highly recommended that your application relies on a modern framework.

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How to know that you need to switch to a modern framework? SensioLabs and Smile identify 10 signs your code is rot from their extensive experience in web projects. They also explain the primary criteria to choose a framework like fame, documentation, or philosophy. After reading this white paper, you can quickly evaluate if you need to migrate and what you should consider before migrating.

Symfony for your web application

Do you want to switch to a new PHP framework? Symfony is probably one of the best options you have. Symfony is based on a set of principles, making it powerful yet simple. Open-Source, interoperability, easy access, and pragmatism are among them.

The white paper also explains why Symfony is a safe choice. Thanks to backward compatibility, a predictable release cycle, and the continuous upgrade path, Symfony is simple to maintain. Rules are clearly defined, so there are no surprises along your journey.

In addition to this, Symfony comes with a very diverse ecosystem. Symfony is a strong community gathering thousands of developers all over the world. Many powerful tools can help you in your Symfony project: Blackfire on performance, SymfonyInsight to inspect your code, and SymfonyCloud to automate the deployment of your Symfony infrastructure.

As the creator of Symfony, the company SensioLabs can support your migration to Symfony. According to your needs, SensioLabs sets up a Migration Workshop, a Progressive Migration, coaches, and trains your development team. Finally, Smile helps you integrate Symfony in your digital project and organizes all phases of the project.

Get a deeper insight into your code issues and PHP frameworks: download this ready-to-use white paper now!

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