• 26 Oct 2023

Transition from a monolith to microservices in 8 steps

This article is the third installment in a series, which you can access through the following links: How to choose the right front-end architecture? What frontend framework should you choose? So, if you're planning to determine the best front-end ...

By Guillaume Lanthier

Anatomy of a Modern App

  • 04 Oct 2023

"I've moved my application to the cloud! Am I modern?"



Yes! But that's just the first step in making your application future-proof. While the tech community struggles to find a common definition for what constitutes a modern

By Guillaume Lanthier

What are the major developments in Odoo V16?

  • 28 Jun 2023

As a long-standing partner, Smile presents to you the ten major advancements of Odoo version 16, ensuring an even more powerful experience for your business.

Discover the top 10 developments of this new version of Odoo:





By Christopher Chan

Service companies: optimize your business processes with Odoo

  • 22 Dec 2022

With the release of version 16 and the recent reduction of its prices, the Odoo solution continues to make headlines. Among the different aspects at the origin of the success story of Fabien Pinckaers' company, there is certainly the capacity of

By Mathieu WUILLAI

Sovereignty, green IT, IoT, data and serverless computing: Looking back on AWS re:Invent …

  • 08 Dec 2022

The 10th edition of re:Invent, the biggest annual AWS event, was held between 28 November and 2 December. With more than 20,000 in-person participants and several hundred thousand online, this was the perfect opportunity to learn all about new

By Cédric Ravalec, Guillaume Lanthier

A look at Scaleway's serverless offer

  • 07 Dec 2022

The sovereign cloud offers an innovative new FaaS (functions-as-a-service) service

It made a big splash a few months ago: Scaleway, a French public cloud, is launching the first serverless offering in Europe. The ambition: to position itself

By Guillaume LANTHIER

API Management in five questions

  • 04 Oct 2022

API Manager versus data bus?


To put it simply, a data bus (ESB) is integrated like a backbone in an IS, so that different applications communicate with each other.

Messages are transported as half streams to the bus. They are then

By Simon Griffon, Gregory Eve