A look at Scaleway's serverless offer

  • 07 Dec 2022

The sovereign cloud offers an innovative new FaaS (functions-as-a-service) service

It made a big splash a few months ago: Scaleway, a French public cloud, is launching the first serverless offering in Europe. The ambition: to position itself as a European alternative to the lambda of AWS and the functions of Azure.

Arnaud de Bermingham, Scaleway's president and founder, said at the time that "large companies won't adopt this technology on a massive scale for probably another ten years. But newer, agile, and technologically up-to-date companies are now adopting it by default to save time and velocity."

At Smile, we can only agree with this and we want to accompany our customers to take this step a little faster.

To learn more about this famous offer dedicated to serverless, we had the pleasure of meeting Lucas Merdinian, product manager at Scaleway and specialist of the topic. "The offer has been in beta for over a year," he said, adding that the roadmap for the year is still very busy. "There is still a lot to do in terms of migration to the cloud. The goal is to offer our customers a very easy way to start."

To do this, the serverless range relies on its completeness with the rest of the Scaleway ecosystem, whether in terms of managed databases or data flow management and processing. Thanks to serverless, users can now deploy components "on the fly" without worrying about their management, while relying on an integrated ecosystem. The offer is designed to complement Scaleway's PaaS ("platform-as-a-service") offer, with the particularity of offering multi-cloud natively in order to provide more freedom and price arbitrage.

"Today, we have 250 users, mostly start-ups or ESNs. Our offer is designed to serve specific use cases, such as breaking a monolith progressively around targeted treatments." The roadmap for the offering is ambitious with the goal of implementing a complete event-driven architecture by the end of the year.

But what about its differences with its competitors? "Of course there is Scaleway's historical positioning as a sovereign cloud," adds Lucas. "We also put a lot of effort into the developer experience. The Scaleway range offers a development console, which provides a predictive view of the billing associated with the function developed, which is particularly useful for anticipating expenses.

At Smile, we are convinced that Scaleway's European positioning will resonate with many public players. The last two years have shown that public institutions must continue their digital transformation by being able to deliver more flexible applications more quickly and that are able to evolve in an unpredictable context.

For any questions about serverless, please contact our experts.