Since 1991 Smile has been a pioneer of technology and also the European expert in open source solutions

With audacity and good projects, add a pinch of visionary culture, a fair dose of innovation, sprinkle the lot with multidisciplinary technical expertise and you get Smile, the European leader in Open Source digital services (consulting, design & execution). 

Agile, open and committed, at Smile we love to be one step ahead to keep our position on the podium of major players in the digital world.

To do so, we have developed 4 offers to support clients through their digital transformation:


  • Web & e-business
  • Embedded & IoT
  • Business Apps
  • Infra & DevOps


But, one more question : “What would we be without the women and men who make the nice Smile machinery go round?

On a daily basis, there are 1,700 smilians present in 7 countries working and thinking to perform the strategic projects of a number of major French and European companies.


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Smile decided to focus on playing the free software card 15 years ago. Why? Because from the beginning, Smile believed in the potential of these solutions and completely identified with the values of open source: freedom, respect and openness!

Any project? Any question? Contact us!


20 rue des Jardins - 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine


Phone number: 01 41 40 11 00

Email address: contact@smile.fr

Open source training

Durée : 2 jours
Lieu : Paris