[05/11/2015] Keensight Capital supports Smile in its planned acquisition of Open Wide

Smile, the leading European expert in the integration of open source solutions, has announced that it has entered into exclusive negotiations for the acquisition of the company Open Wide.

[21/07/2015] Smile, 1st partner of Ansible in France

Ansible, based in North Carolina, USA, has developed an innovative and open source solution of IT automation. The solution Ansible is very powerful, enabling the management of complex configurations and industrializing deployments for a result "DevOps made simple".

[06/01/2014] Smile strengthens and changes its majority stakeholders

Keensight Capital, one of the leading players in European Growth Equity, is becoming the majority shareholder of Smile, the first expert in Europe for open source solutions, alongside its management and its historic investor, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners (with Cabestan Capital Fund), who also participated in this transaction.

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Magento Elastic Suite : summary of 2015

We released of Magento ES in the late 2014, available on github.
Since then we had an hard work on every front to get it even better.

Here is a small summary of all the all the work that have been done on it past year : Performances, new features, relevance improvements, search engine optimizations ...

We released of Magento ES in the late 2014 on github
Since then we had an hard work on every front to get it even better.
Here is a small summary of all the all the work that have been done on it past year :


The engine performance has been improved drastically, on both aspects : query performance and indexing.

The engine is now compatible with the biggest catalogs since we have implemented it for customers (both catalogs have more than millions of products) in conjunction with our MongoGento module.
If you are facing such an huge catalog do not hesitate to contact us !

Furthermore, we have faced some catalogs with very high number of attributes used as facets (more than 1000).
The module can now handle this through the new "Facet coverage rate" feature described bellow.

Functionnal changes

On the functional part we have provided several adjustements and bugfixes for the engine this year.
It is difficult to list all new features but here is a list of the most important ones :

Relevance improvements

The query builder have been fully rewritten to provides a better relevance.
It is especially true when using spellcheck queries or phrase matching.
Moreover the stopword management is now automatic (using a new feature of ES), allowing to automatically detect words with little signifiance.
Last the autocomplete engine has been rewritten to be more relevant and gained a new feature with the ability to autocomplete attributes values (by example suggest brands or authors).

Search engine optimizations

The module comes with a search engine optimizer based on both rules and customer behavior.
This module has been improved and gained a new preview feature allowing to see what will be the effects of the optimizer before applying it.
You can also view what boost is applied on a product into the admin product view allowing to understand the search result better.

Facets management

The facets toolkit have have been improved. First you can now find a new feature called "Facet Coverage Rate" whose purpose is to display only the more relevant facets for the current context (search or categories). Then you have now a better control on the way facets are displayed (sort order, number of values displayed, ...) attribute by attribute. Even better, if your facet has too many values a search engine is displayed into the facet.

Modules for Magento Elastic Suite !

As the module has now a lot of features and works well on many projects, our strategy is now to freeze the features of the module and add only minor updates to it now. Additional biggest features will now be added as plugin to this core features.

It should allow a better upgrability for the projects using the module, and more contributions to be integrated (feel free to propose us plugins you have developped for your projects if you think it can be used widely).

We started this with two modules released this year, and will talk about it in few weeks.

What next for Magento Elastic Suite ?

Magento Elastic Suite is now used by many websites. We will continue to develop it this year with many new features.
First of all, we have a lot of work to ensure everything works with Magento 2. Then we will come back here to present the next features we have in mind ...

Aurelien Foucret


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